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Semiconductor manufacturers compete for video surveillance market

Release time: 2017-06-26 Author: Administrator


According to the forecast includes the Research Institute and the extension of TrendForce's 2019, video surveillance market size will exceed $40 billion, and will be around 19-20% annual compound annual growth rate rise upward. In recent years, the construction of safe cities in China has made many industry professionals regard security monitoring as "sunshine industry", which is also an important reason for many industries to stick to the market in the industry shuffle and change.


The site of the technical workshop

Excellent technology is the sword of the enterprise to win in the fierce competition. In order to provide a professional technology exchange platform for the upstream and downstream businesses of security, the third session of the "smart home and HD video innovation technology seminar" was held in Shenzhen. This meeting attracted more than 350 engineers from HUAWEI, Dahua, Kang Jia group, TCL and other enterprises. This meeting is divided into two theme rooms, intelligent family and intelligent security. Among them, Superpix, Junyao electronics, Sen Mei, MCPO Genesis Guoxin, Shiqiang advanced, Ledith, Yang Yu, semiconductor electronics, electronics and other industry Jingheng sunlord on behalf of the enterprise related technology and bring solutions show.


Sibike deputy general manager Feng Jun

Lianyang semiconductor director Wang Jianfa believes that, with the gradual increase of the number of HD cameras, the overall quality of the future key monitoring system will not DVR camera or other equipment, but in the transmission system with low cost can provide enough bandwidth and anti-interference ability, to ensure the quality of the signal and showed satisfactory quality. To this end, the ccHDtv (high-definition closed-circuit television system) transmission technology has been introduced. It is known that ccHDtv has enough bandwidth to transmit 4K camera images easily, and can integrate all the signals such as shadow, sound, electricity and control. It can create unprecedented applications and benefits for system integration engineering.


Lian Yang semiconductor director Wang Jianfa

With the development of video surveillance, audio monitoring is becoming more and more important. And according to the security monitoring products and intelligent Home Furnishing products growing demand voice, Mei Gao Sen Mei senior field support function, structure and application of scene Engineer Wang Peiran introduced at the meeting Sen Mei high audio processing chip.


Senior Field Support Engineer Wang Peiran Sen Mei us

Now, "homogeneity" has become a common disease in the electronics industry. Dou Xiangfeng, director of the market development of Tong creation, said that FPGA has the characteristics of flexible application and excellent performance. Especially, it has inherent advantages in system integration, reducing the design complexity and the number of devices in the system. In the rapid development of emerging industries such as networking today, using FPGA communication interface, network protocol and data processing can guarantee the customer design to accelerate from product to market time, at the same time differences reflect the maximum of its product characteristics, in order to improve the profit level of the customer design.


Gao Shenggang, manager of Ledith semiconductor product market department

In addition, the rapid development of video surveillance market can not be separated from the support of circuit protection technology. To this end, big bit invited Junyao electronics FAE Zhang Shaoqiu brought intelligent security protection scheme based on. It is reported that Junyao electronics developed specifically for video transmission interface, low capacitance, high tolerance of TVS tube. For PoE monitoring camera power supply requirements to upgrade, Junyao electronics have also introduced the corresponding TSS, TVS and other products.


Junyao electronics FAE Zhang Shaoqiu

With the development of the society and the progress of related technologies, video surveillance has become the most important branch of the security industry. According to the IHS forecast, the growth of the world video surveillance market will exceed 10% in 2015, and its prospect is immeasurable.