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Our company took part in the 2017 Shanghai international bus show

Release time:2017-08-14  author:Enterprise culture center


Project site: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Shanghai)

August 9, 2017 -11 day, as the most anticipated Asian bus and bus industry and Asia's top event -- "BUS EXPO Shanghai international bus show" will unveil the mystery and open an overwhelming and overwhelming feast. "New energy public transport" and other hot spots will be displayed at the exhibition. It is known as the most professional and influential bus feast in China and co sponsored by the industry association. The exhibition, which has been accumulated for many years, has won the praise from all over the world through its good reputation and continuous innovation. It has now become the largest and most authoritative brand exhibition in the field of public transport in Asia.


Site map of the company's booth

Field bus as Asia's largest and most authoritative brand exhibition in the industry attention. This exhibition focuses on the Internet and green transportation, which focuses on the latest scientific and technological level in the new energy field of China's bus industry. In addition, smart cars, mobile Internet, unmanned and other emerging technologies will also become an important issue in the future of automobile development./p>


Field product display

The company with the core board first generation LCD intelligent instrument and independent research and development company to our company to bring products to participate in the 2017 Shanghai international auto show, our company is the only domestic LCD dual linkage solutions provider, its products include 17 inch LCD 12.3 inch LCD intelligent instrument and intelligent instrument, and IMX6 core board, cyclone V SOC core board, handheld infrared platform, temperature control board, handheld infrared platform, DSP parallel processing platform, the temperature control board 04.


The total for the customer to explain and introduce products

The exhibition is jointly organized by the civil society China City Public Transportation Association, Shanghai city public transportation industry association, bus industry association, Chinese Passenger Automobile Industry Association Branch, city traffic network in Shanghai and Hong Kong Exhibition Company, Wu Hanzhi strong photoelectric system Co Ltd will bring a number of excellent suppliers.

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Auto show time:2017.08.09-08.11

Auto show address: No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area