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Environment Temperature Control Board

Environment Temperature Control Board

In addition, it has convenient reading, broad temperature range and correct temperature measurement. Its output temperature is displayed in digital type and is mainly used for the places with correct temperature measurement or research laboratories. The hardware module is rationally optimized from functional grouping during this design.

Product FeaturesSpecifications

Product Features

Environment Temperature Control Board

  • High reliable two-compartment integrated monitoring scheme and field offline function configuration
  • Based on GPRS backup communication scheme
  • GPS location and triaxial location can correctly master two-compartment posture and location.
  • It is based on temperature and humidity control functions and distributed temperature acquisition interface, and can correctly obtain camera temperature.
  • RS485 interface is provided to support console control or repetition control. In addition, flexible power control scheme and remote control interface are provided.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of software
Peripheral interface 4 Ethernet ports, power communication interface, RS485, GPS and GPRS
OS no
GUI GUI key + 8-word display
Size 85X55MM
Operating temperature -40-85℃
Storage temperature -40-85℃
Input voltage 12VDC/24VDC
Maximum power consumption 3W