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Portable infrared processing platform

Portable infrared processing platform

The system has the image acquisition, storage and extraction functions. It has the characteristics of small volume, low power consumption, fast speed and strong adaptability to meet daily infrared image processing application.

It not only can be used for industry and medical treatment, but also for simple warming.

Product FeaturesSpecifications

Product Features

Portable infrared processing platform

  • It is based on DM3730 platform scheme and has powerful functions.
  • Small dimension structure can meet portable platform integration demands.
  • Multi-spectral access capability
  • Multi-type access capability can meet all kinds of human-computer interaction demands.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of software
Chip type DM3730
ARM core Coretex-A8 1GHz
DSP core DSP C64x+
Peripheral interface Ethernet port, SPI, KEY, visible light camera, AVOUT, LCD, IIC, etc. OS Linux
OS Linux
Size 76X53MM
Operating temperature -40-85℃
Storage temperature -40-85℃
Input voltage 5VDC
Maximum power consumption 1.5A(Max)