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Hand-held infrared platform

Hand-held infrared platform

Hand-held infrared thermal imager can avoid to generate unqualified thermal image. It is applicable to predictive maintenance, including hot spot detection and heat dissipation analysis in industrial or commercial application as well as building acceptance or medical research application.

The thermal imager provides exquisite resolution function, and its price is lower than the similar products in the market.

Product FeaturesSpecifications

Product Features

Hand-held infrared platform

  • Image processing platform based on FPGA platform can be used for hand-held thermal imager.
  • The low power consumption, high flexibility and nimble updating of firmware can meet constantly updated image processing requirements.
  • There is visible light access interface to meet multi-spectral image fusion demands.
  • Onboard NAND Flash can be used to store data.
  • Double SRAM interface and SDRAM multi-storage interface can meet the multi-image processing demands.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of software
Chip model EP4CE55U23I7N
SRAM 512KB(256x2)
SDRAM 32MB(16b)
Sensor parallel visible light 10 bit
Peripheral interface visible light, LCD, thermal imager interface, key, serial port, motor control, GPMC
Size 76X52MM
Operating temperature -40 - 85℃
Storage temperature -40 - 85℃
Input voltage 5VDC
Maximum power consumption 3A