Product details

Double screen (meter and center control) LCD driver board

Double screen (meter and center control) LCD driver board

Double screen intellectual instrument panel and 17-inch touch screen of ZMLQ are designed based on the Tesla concepts which comply with the ideas of first-line car factory in Europe and America. It is one of the most important human-computer interaction entrances, and is the important basis of car networking layout.

The unique 17-inch centralized touch screen and 1440-inch full LCD intellectual meter adopt interactive touch mode.

Product FeaturesSpecifications

Technical Specifications

Double screen (meter and center control) LCD driver board

  • The unique provider for full LCD double screen products in China;
  • The unique company mastering 17-inch screen technology;
  • Multiple and flexible composing solutions promote the expandability at most;
  • Provide the customized service of human-computer interface as required by the factory;
  • Unique structure pattern provides a superior product with higher cost performance;

Hardware specifications

CPU ARM/Quad/1.2GHz(Max)/+ FPGA
DDR3 4GB/(Max)
Storage 4GB/+ 256GB(MediaStorage)
Instrument board 12.3寸1440x540@70Hz_1000cd/m2、12.3寸1920x720@60Hz_100cd/m2、[Opt]CapacityTouchscreen
Central control screen 17寸1920x1200@60Hz_1000cd/m2、10PtsCapacityTouchscreen
Communication interface CANx2/Net
User interface WIFI/BT/4G/Audio/FM/USB(Android/iPhone)
Navigation support yes
Voltage specification 8~32/VDC/IN/Compliant/with/ISO7637-2
Rated power consumption 45W/Max/DualDisplay+ Max Brightness+ 24VDC@25℃
Working temperature -40℃~85℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
ESD tolerance 8KV(Human-BodyModel) Touch/15KV(Human-BodyModel) air
Functions of instrument board
Supporting models new energy car/passenger car/business car
Status display upport, display status of car in a vivid and three-dimensional mode/synchronously support running cars cloud platform
Equipment contro support, operate various functional modules of the car
Navigation function support, extend the application of car networking payment
Multimedia support, FM/audio files/network media/local media and media cloud synchronization
Bluetooth function support, bluetooth headset/bluetooth mobile phone/extension based on the third party of bluetooth
WIFI support support, interconnection and resource sharing in the car also support DLNA setting with the help of ISP
4G support support, provide all network access service/enjoy interconnected life
USB device support, USB disk/mobile evaluation/Android system/iPhone system
Apple Carplay support, central control, local display and interaction
Google Auto support, central control, local display and interaction
Driving recorder support
Fatigue detection support
Car black box support
360 full view support, consult the manufacturer for details
Anticollision detection support, consult the manufacturer for details
Keyless system support
Running cars support the state and operate synchronous running cars, provide the whole set of car maintenance service and support insurance integration of the third party